At DSE PRE-PAIR, you and your company gets a unique opportunity at speed dating Bachelors of Engineering, who can be possible candidates for internships and student jobs in your company. The interested students are usually studying on their 3rd – 5th semester during which they are looking for an internship. You have the opportunity to “date” up to 15 different students, who you believe have just the right profile.

PRE-PAIR starts with a short introduction from the participating companies to the students. Here you have around 1 minute to pitch your company, tell what you seek and how many internships you offer.

It is required that the company can offer at least 1 internship to participate.

The speed dating works by having 12 to 15 rounds of approximately 7 minutes with a short break in between for rotation. In each round your representatives sit one-on-one with a student who might be your next intern or employee. We recommend that each company has 2-3 company representatives with 1 or more engineers.

Besides the speed dating, you will have a chance to network with the students. This will happen during and after the dating session, which gives your company the opportunity to meet as many students as possible.

Next PRE-PAIR will be  on November 11, 2020, at 12:00 — 17:00.

You can find PRE-PAIR at DTU Ballerup.

Lautrupvang 15, 2750 Ballerup.